Too many tools make work hard (not from Confucious)

Another blogger lists the collaboration tools his organisation is using.

  • G Suite

  • Slack

  • Trello

  • Jira

  • Evernote

  • Zoom

  • Lattice

It tells the story of many organisations - too many tools that do exactly the same thing or overlap. You get different people preferring different tools, and heaven forbid your various managers have different preferences. Given any choice at all, use only ONE tool, or have very good reasons for TWO, but never THREE!! OK, not a golden rules, but too many tools causes confusion and breakdown of communication. If you are all in one IM tool with the same Video function you can hop around, screensharing, whiteboarding, video / voice, documents........ it goes on. If you are going to change to fully remote, force yourselves to one tool. That is: One set of training documentation online One standard set of self-help training videos One common language One standard for workstation setup (if at all) I just left a company still using jabber, webex, zoom, Teams, and Salesforce chatter! They are not using Skype, Skype for Business, or Slack though. When someone sends a message through a tool you do not use, or you do not see as an official channel, you will miss it. But since they think it IS a formal channel because their manager uses it, they think you are ignoring them. It then becomes the opposite of a collaboration tool.


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