5 Key organisational requirements for remote working

COVID-19 is driving us all home.

We are being asked to tele-commute, work from home, dial in, conference call, meet virtually, and all this time stay productive. This is great for reducing direct carbon emissions!

The problem is that last month this wasn't remotely (oops, pun) on the roadmap for you and your colleagues. But now!?

As an employee you have not been expecting this, not preparing yourself or your family for the new dynamic, not putting rules in place, systems and structure to support your daily tasks. As a manager, it might feel even worse! You weren't thinking YOU would be working remotely full time, let alone manage twenty remote staff who have not done it before!

Here follow 5 key organisational requirements for management to consider:

  1. Technology - do your employees have the IT equipment and connectivity required for remote access to the systems they use daily?

  2. Communications - do they have messaging apps, conference call, and screen sharing facilities? Do they know how to use them?

  3. Workplace - do they have a place at home to work in peace and comfort? Do they actually need a new chair and even a workdesk that fits in the corner of the sitting room?

  4. Enablement - how will you ensure that the team are adequately trained in the use of their remote access to the company network, the use of collaboration tools, and the self-management required to cope with long periods of time working at home.

  5. Management System - Do you have a management system in place that will enable and empower managers and team members? Do you have a system that is both supportive and motivational, maintaining ownership and accountability?

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