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Although I find LinkedIn a constructive place for intelligent networking (i.e. as opposed to other ‘social’ networking sites), I baulked at the cost of signing up as a Premium member. There are several different reasons for being on LinkedIn. Used correctly, it can help you achieve your networking, job seeking, or brand-building goals. The goal I did not associate with LinkedIn was quality learning. I thought I had to be spending money through Coursera and various university courses to stay current in my broad area of interest and expertise. I spent a LOT of cash feeding my learning habit.

Having joined the ranks of professionals with more discretionary time than I would have liked over the lockdown period, I had reason to start paying for Premium membership.

I thought I was going to enter a desert of learning opportunities, but I am more than pleasantly surprised with the range and quality of LinkedIn Learning courses. I had been put off previously by the fact that it was, by my understanding, also (and I did not see that as ‘premium’). My earlier bias may have been compounded by my slightly understated British/South African outlook, and I had chosen some courses with instructors who I found a little annoying.

These video courses are professionally presented, well-paced, and many come with useful handouts to download.

I thought I would share this information to steer you to LinkedIn Learning if you are a Premium Member and haven’t found it yet.

If you are not a Premium Member and you have some discretionary time but not a lot of discretionary funds, let me encourage you that for relatively little per month you are getting access to thousands of dollars’ worth of education on demand – every day.

Here are examples of some courses I have done recently.

You will note the range of classes – from soft-skills, to project management, DevOps, HR, and so on. For example, I started my membership, not knowing anything about development tools like Kubernetes and Docker. Still, when a freelance client had that as part of the job description, I could get oriented in about an hour on my exercise bike (the joy of video vs books!).

Anyway, that’s my $1,000 tip of the week 😊

If you click on the banner or link here you can sign up for a free 30 day trial.

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