Final PMP Prep thoughts for T-1

Writing the PMP back in 1998 was exceptionally stressful - probably because I had very little PM experience to draw on. Somehow I had tortured my certification pack to confess to having enough project leadership experience in the different process groups and phases of a project.

Thankfully I was successful.

I find myself writing the exam again because my PMP lapsed in 2017 - I did not have enough PDU's to recertify by the due date (long story, not worth the re-telling).

So, tomorrow is the big day - PMP #2 in the year 2020.

As I am in a final cram, I thought to write some thoughts down.

Firstly, I wouldn't be writing the exam if it wasn't for Sandy Mitchell's amazing course 'Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)'. Thanks Sandy!

Second, do not underestimate the amount of extra material in Sandy's course - including the online practice test and two other downloadable tests.

Validate Scope

Calling a process 'Validate Scope' when I read it as more accurately Confirming Acceptance of Deliverables. It comes after the team has released their deliverables to the project manager, and is the process we are more familiar with as a Walkthrough or Deliverable Review or Signoff / Acceptance meeting. It is getting stakeholder signoff that you have delivered part of the scope. 'Validate Scope' only serves to confuse, as you are not validating the scope of project or product. I know what they mean, but it takes one down an unnecessary detour.

So, it gets the Input of Verified Deliverables (from the Control Quality process) and an Output is 'Accepted Deliverables'.

More to come.....

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