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A futurist once told me that we are in somebodies unimaginable future. In December 2019 a global lockdown and a completely remote workforce was an unimaginable future. Three months later....you know the rest...

The crux of the matter is that 2020 reminded us of the importance of community in our working lives.


Not Networking.

Crux Point is creating a platform for experienced professionals, consultants and personal service providers to create an unimaginable future as a community.

Crux is the constellation in the southern hemisphere containing the four stars forming the Southern Cross.

The Southern Cross was used by travellers, explorers, and adventurers, for navigation in the same way as Polaris in the north.

The navigators needed all four of the Crux stars, and that is our point.

On our continual exploration we need our community that provides:

Services - Leadership - Insight - Education


Health, Wealth and Growth

Established Personal Service providers such as coaches, recruiters, wellness practitioners, counselling, career coaches, debt counsellors, financial, tax, and legal advisors.


Accomplished Professionals Seeking Visionary Employers

Are you looking for that seasoned professional to join you and go boldly into the future with you, unfettered by outdated organisational cultural norms?  This is where you need the gravitas and the networking skills of dynamic talent to overcome obstacles and facilitate the rapid change you need.


Business - Technology - Change

Independent Consultants engage on specific initiatives and projects as requested by a sponsor in your organisation. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.


Strategic, Tactical, and Just-in-Time Enablement

Skills development is essential in the evolving world of work.  You need to find courses and providers that meet your long and short-term needs.

There are many providers, and we receommend the LinkedIn learning platform for on-demand learning.

Business Team

I had an idea.  Ok, let’s rephrase that… I have an idea.

The idea is an ‘innovation and service hub’ bringing together highly experienced professionals, consultants, and personal service providers in a community. The aim is to breathe life into careers and small businesses emerging from the global lockdown.

This does not replace LinkedIn! Crux Point is a collaboration space where you can also create a personal web presence and identity to which candidates can send employers.

In this time of affordable technologies, I do not see the point in waiting - just get this service up and running! Think Lean Startup.

Many of us need to recover our financial losses. Some folks need to find peace of mind, sense of meaning and purpose, dignity, and self-worth. So, why should I wait? 

I think four pillars are forming this gateway, and behind them are any number of groups and forums you can join or start.  This will be a more manual process than you are used to, but I look forward to developing it and putting flesh on the bones as we work together.

People who I think will be like-minded here:

  • Professionals with more than 10 years in their field. Probably senior technical or management roles.

  • Independent Consultants who have been providing consulting services for more than 2 years.

  • Personal Service providers with less than 5 staff, and trading more than 2 years, such as coaches, recruiters, wellness practitioners, counselling, career coaches, debt counsellors, financial, tax, and legal advisors.

  • Education and Knowledge is the fourth pillar.

In case you are wondering, my name is Jeremy Farrell and I have a passion for people and projects (in that order!). In spite of all the technology in the world, the change and progress ultimately comes down to people performing at their best.


*Terms and Conditions

  • Crux Point Ltd makes no endorsement of service providers unless explicitly stated. At the same time, Crux Point Ltd charges no fee whatsoever for the 'introduction' through this website.

  • Crux Point Ltd makes no endorsement express or implied of professionals employed directly by employers. At the same time, Crux Point Ltd is not a recruitment agency and charge no fee whatsoever for the 'introduction' through this website.

  • Crux Point Ltd makes no endorsement express or implied of consultants contracted independently. At the same time, Crux Point Ltd charge no fee whatsoever for independent direct contracting.


Jeremy Farrell's latest book, addressing hot topics for the Re-location of the workplace.


COVID-19 and the lockdowns brought political, commercial, economic, social, health, and environmental factors, making it challenging to evaluate our WFH results. Employees and clients have been tolerant of the changes in work location, processes, and quality of service delivered. Now that restrictions are being relaxed, lockdown fatigue is with us, and the WFH honeymoon is over, we will see where we are in the hype cycle. Expectations of clients and managers are going back to normal, or beyond because everyone has six months of lost business to recover. Some are making fundamental changes to their business models.

However, move we must, and the project manager must understand the magnitude and risk of the change she is taking on. Knowing that, she can put an appropriate management system in place.




Everyone is feeling the downturn in the economy. I have found being a Freelancer a flexible work-from-home solution to complement my consulting business, or good for underemployed professionals. I get to use a variety of my skills, mostly in my own time, so it doesn't have to cut into my time on larger billable engagements with my business clients.

Whether you are a small business with skills you can use remotely, or a business consultant, or an underemployed professional, this is a practical option for improving your income stream.

You will find many, with fiverr and Upwork being two of the better known.

Registering as a Freelancer is free and you pay a commission to the site when getting jobs.


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